Preorder  your ULTRACOMBAT Normandy Bundle Today!

Preorder your ULTRACOMBAT Normandy Bundle Today!

Posted by Chris on Dec 18th 2018

We are excited to now be taking preorders for the new Dishdash Games game system ULTRACOMBAT Normandy for Squad to Platoon based skirmish gaming for WWII.  From the the award winning game designer who brought you Skirmish Sangin comes a completely new and innovative game system that brings the small actions of WWII to the tabletop with new and dynamic mechanics.  


  • Forces are built in elements, so players can play the real tactics of the day like Scouting, Suppressive Fire, and Fire and Movement
  • Command is an integral part of the game at all levels with Officers and NCO’s making a real difference to the troops under their command
  • Real ranges of weapons so measuring on the battlefield is kept to an absolute minimum
  • Our unique card-based system gives players a tactical advantage in play, knowing when to use your elements experience to their best advantage is easy to learn but difficult to master
  • Five complete scenarios that teach the players the rules through gameplay
  • From the publisher of Skirmish Sangin, the breakthrough game system for skirmish-level present-day wargaming hailed for its unique style, sophisticated gameplay, and extreme realism

Starting today till January 21, 2019 you can preorder the starter bundle described below for $65 USD ($80 MSRP) with shipments going out starting January 22nd.