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Blood & Plunder


  • Tartana


    The Tartana is a popular Mediterranean merchant vessel adapted for use in the Caribbean by the Spanish and the French. Sporting a two-masted fore & aft lateen rig and able to carry a decent armament for its size, the Tartana makes for an excellent...

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  • Unaligned Nationality Starter Set

    Unaligned Nationality Starter Set

    This bundle includes 25 models and allows you to build a 100 point force of either:Brethren of the Coast: These adventurers are of all nations, races, and ethnicities, and their sole purpose is to harry Spain—to plunder the Spanish Main! They are...

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  • William Kidd

    Socialite, patriot, pirate. The English privateer, Captain William Kidd, was an enigmatic figure who proved how thin the line was between countryman and outlaw. Before his fateful voyage to the Indian Ocean, he was regarded as a capable and faithful...

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  • Zeelieden

    Progeny of the North Sea and heirs of the Sea Beggars, the Dutch sailors of the seventeenth century are uniquely equipped to be masters of sea and sail. A great deal of romance is attached to mariners in the culture of the Netherlands; regarded as the...

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