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Native American

  • African Warrior Unit

    All over the New World, escaped and shipwrecked African slaves often integrate into Native American tribes. They prove to be fierce warriors and are a welcomed addition, especially to the Caribs of Saint Vincent and Dominica.

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  • King Golden Cap

    T he tribes of the Darien were some of the most feared in all the Spanish Main, and of all their chiefs there was none regarded as highly as King Golden Cap. He actively contested the Spanish, whom he bitterly hated, and even issued commissions that were...

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  • Native American Nationality Starter Set

    Native American Nationality Starter Set

    This bundle includes 25 Native American models and allows you to build a 100 point force of either:Caribs (Kalinago): William Dampier once described the Caribs of the Caribbean—the “Island Caribs”—as “a sort of Warlike...

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