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Heroes & Allies

  • ARC Armed Astronauts

    When things get tough, the ARC Astronauts think nothing of getting the heavy ordnance out. Up your firepower and ignore the physics of firing things in a weightless environment, we’ll worry about that kind of thing. Choose between one Astronaut...

  • ARC Astronauts

    The Albion Rocket Corporation comprises Britain’s greatest scientists and adventurers. Their daring exploits have seen the exploration of space made a reality. Available single or as a deal are Female Astronaut, one advancing Astronaut and one...

  • ARC Moonbase Crew

    ARC Moonbase Crew

    The Albion Rocket Consortium (ARC) rely on adventurous and daring men and women to staff their moonbase. Now you can add to the ranks of your own ARC forces with these five models, equipped with communicator/scanners, pistols and rifles.We don’t...

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  • Army Support Team: HMG

    Army Support Team: HMG

    To face more substantial threats, your troops can be bolstered with support weaponry, to literally get more bang for your buck. Fire up this Heavy Machine Gun and see how your enemies likes them apples. This two man team is supplied unpainted.

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  • Army Support Weapon Team: Bazooka

    To face more substantial threats, your troops can be bolstered with support weaponry, to literally get more bang for your buck. Load up this bazooka and see how they likes them apples. This two man team is supplied unpainted.

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  • Benton Triad & Bambi Gascoigne

    Benton Triad & Bambi Gascoigne

    Head of Project Time Lift, Troad is a well-meaning, somewhat overweight man who cannot shake years of immersion in ministerial bureaucracy helped immeasurably by his cool-headed assistant and all round good egg, Ms Bambi Gascoigne.Rules for these models...

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  • Daredevils


    Charlie, Diana and Katrina Dare are the Daredevils, expert pilots and mechanics who now work for ARC – the Albion Rocket Consortium. Adept at facing danger both in the air and on the ground, they can totally look after themselves.We haven’t...

  • Female Minions

    Female Minions

    As any evil genius knows, minions are the expendable labour behind every megalomaniac scheme. Choose one or more of 8 different Minions armed with classic SMGs, Rifles or Pistols.Each minion comes with a separate head on the tab, so you can swap them...

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  • Hero Cops

    Hero Cops

    Slide across your bonnets to apprehend villains with these two heroic cops. Perfect to lead your Lawmen against the forces of evil.

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  • Heroes 1

    Bursting from your screen are these four heroes of the hour! Choose from a gung-no Action Hero, the brilliant mind of a Crackpot Inventor, a burly Strongarm or the psychic wonder of a Tomorrow Person. These miniatures are perfect for using for your own...

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  • Heroes 3

    Four new heroes! Two kick-ass Angels of Justice join the ranks. They are joined by an Investigative Academic and a Dependable Deputy. This intrepid pair are masters of disguise, so come with an alternative set of heads (pictured). These four models each...

  • Heroes 4

    Two new heroes! This dashing pair love fast cars and righting wrongs – tight trousers and perfect hair are not optional. These models can be used as Stars in 7TV 2nd edition:Action HeroUnearthly Traveller

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  • Heroes 5

    This dashing pair are the perfect crime-fighters in swinging sixties London. The Unearthly Traveller is armed with impeccable manners and dress sense while the Plucky Assistant is his perfect foil with a down to earth attitude and spunky bravery.

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  • Huntsmen

    Riding in the chase alongside Lady Winterly allows these brutal horsemen to demonstrate their prowess to the lady of the manor. Outsiders disapprove of this vile bloodsport, but then they are usually the quarry…Choose from three different Huntsmen...

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  • Lawmen w/Pistols

    Lawmen! Sworn to catch criminals, patrol factory perimeters, eat donuts and deal with the good ‘ole boys having a bar brawl. Each pack of 4 lawmen have headless bodies, and 4 of each head (12 heads in all!):Security Guard caps, US Cop peaked hats...