Villians & Monsters

  • Street Folk

    Street Folk

    Colony 87 had grown in power over the decades. It was now the most important centre for trade, industry, science and arts in the sector. Millions flocked to the Colony; the rich and the powerful, the ambitious and the desperate. There was a place for...

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  • Thuggees


    Thuggees are devoted to the art of killing the enemies of SHIVA, striking without mercy and disappearing back into the shadows. Expert masters of sword, throwing weapons and garrottes, Thuggees coat their weapons in poison, such that a mere scratch can...

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  • Wasteland Warriors

    Wasteland Warriors

    Across the deserts and searching through the ruined cities come these four wasteland warriors armed with any scrap they can scavenge and repair.

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  • Wastlanders


    Need a specialist to help your crew make a big score, then you can hire in a Scout, Gunner, Next Gen or Marshall from the four corners of the wasteland. Profiles for all these models can be sound in the upcoming 7TV Apocalypse boxed set.

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