Prepare to battle over the tabletop in two-fisted exchanges pitting heroic derring-do against the dastardly machinations of megalomaniacal villains and otherworldly horrors.

7TV: Pulp is a tabletop skirmish game inspired by the American cinema serials and pulp magazines of the 1930s and 1940s. It is the product of a unique collaboration between Crooked Dice Game Design Studio, developers of 7TV and 7TV: Apocalypse, and Creative Writing students from Edge Hill University in the northwest of England.

The 7TV: Pulp blog offers information and resources for anyone interested in wargaming in a variety of pulp genres. If you love old movie serials, pulp fiction magazines, or any of the action-adventure movies they gave birth to and wish you could realize it on the tabletop - you now can!

  • Alien Pets

    Alien Pets

    These alien fauna are great to populate any outer rim world – whether they be pets, or wild creatures.The Testudo Bird is imported from the Core Worlds for its delicious meat and rock-hard shell, this flightless creature is renowned for its...

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  • Great Apes Great Apes

    Great Apes

    Perhaps mankind’s closest relatives in the animal kingdom, these Great Apes are capable of incredible feats of agility and strength and are even able to communicate via basic language

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  • Immortal Evils

    Immortal Evils

    This set of two models includes and Ancient Evil and Degenerate Monarch.Risen from the desert sands, ancient jungles, or the unhallowed crypts of a crumbling castle, this Ancient Evil walks the Earth spreading corruption wherever it treads...

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  • Investigators Investigators


    This set includes the Femme Fatale and Occult Investigator.The Femme Fatale is a woman of seductive mystery, the embodiment of an alluring sensuality that is altogether irresistible. They tantalise their opponents, ensnaring them in...

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  • Monolith Set

    Monolith Set

    Need a place for an unholy ritual? Then these three cyclopean pillars and pile of skulls provide a delightful setting for your unnatural rites. Pillars stand approximately 5cm tall.

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  • Security Troopers

    Security Troopers

    To protect our law-abiding citizens are four port security troopers. Known as ‘shellheads’, many believe this nickname comes from their distinctive headgear, when in fact it derives from jibes by the Colonial Police for the security troopers...

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  • Ship's Crew

    Ship's Crew

    Whether crewing a merchant ship, a smuggler’s skiff, a charter vessel, or simply working ashore, these salt-bitten men of the sea are versatile and dependable.They have sailed strange waters and seen things that would trouble lesser men: a Sargasso...

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  • Street Folk

    Street Folk

    Colony 87 had grown in power over the decades. It was now the most important centre for trade, industry, science and arts in the sector. Millions flocked to the Colony; the rich and the powerful, the ambitious and the desperate. There was a place for...

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  • Thuggees


    Thuggees are devoted to the art of killing the enemies of SHIVA, striking without mercy and disappearing back into the shadows. Expert masters of sword, throwing weapons and garrottes, Thuggees coat their weapons in poison, such that a mere scratch can...

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